3 Must-Do Things in Sun Valley in Summer

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You've heard of the good old bucket list--but have you ever made a bucket list for one specific place? Sun Valley is the type of location that boasts so many opportunities, you may not know where to start--but you want to make sure you do it all. Our travel experts have made a list of the most important must-do things in Sun Valley, so you'll have a little direction while you're exploring and making your own destination bucket list.

Summer Fun in Sun Valley

There are few places quite like Sun Valley. An amazing mix of atmosphere and entertainment, this hidden gem has it all, and trust us when we say you'll want to experience everything Sun Valley has to offer. But if you're going to make a destination bucket list, then you'll be traveling to Sun Valley quite a bit--and you'll need a way to get there quickly, safely, and comfortably. We've got just the answer. Our Sun Valley Express can get you right where you need to be to check off all the adventures on your list--and you'll travel with plenty of legroom, a professional driver, no stress, and plenty of enjoyment. Don't let travel arrangements stand in your way; take the bus!

3 Top Things to Do

What should be first on your Sun Valley bucket list? Here are a few quick suggestions!


Paragliding is one of those not-to-be-missed opportunities that's twice as nice in Sun Valley. See all the beautiful sights from the sky (and maybe catch a glimpse of your next adventure from a bird's eye view).


If you want the full Sun Valley experience, then you'll have to try a yurt at least once. Whether it's backcountry living you desire or something a little closer to the comforts of home, a yurt provides a cozy backdrop for creating the kinds of stories you'll tell over a cup of hot chocolate one day.


As soon as the Sun Valley snow melts, you'll want to hit the trails. Why? Boasting a wide variety of living things, whether furry, feathered or even covered in petals, Sun Valley is the place to go if you want to take a walk on the wild side without going too far.

Even More Fun

Looking for more to fill your days? Here are a few other fun activities for your summer visit:

  • Go fishing. Whether you're looking to slow down and enjoy nature or make a record-breaking catch, Sun Valley is the place to be for fishing enthusiasts. With multiple locations rich in all kinds of fish, the only tough decision to make is where you want to start!
  • Explore the town(s). Every town has its own unique personality, and Sun Valley is no exception. Bellevue, Hailey, and Ketchum all have charming shops, nightlife, and tons of food. Spend this summer listening to local music, trying some new flavors, and watching history come to life--all without having to leave town.
  • Take a bike ride. Whether mountain biking, e-biking, or following a bike path is your thing, the Wood River Valley has you covered. With tons of trails, room for e-bikes, and a long, pathed bike path that connects you to all the towns in the valley, it's a cyclists heaven. 

Interested in more activities to add to your bucket list? Ready to travel to Sun Valley and get started? Contact us today!