Buses for School Events

CTC can help with after school events

Many people on a daily basis use buses for a large variety of reasons! They are the safest and often times cheapest means of transportation. One of the biggest uses of buses is by schools.

From pre-school all the way up to high school, there are many needs a school has for the use of a bus.

Some of the reasons schools need a bus include:

  • Getting children to and from school: Not all parents (very few in fact) are able to drive their kids directly to school and many parents are not off work in time to pick their children up from school. Having a bus option even for charter schools and private schools is convenient for the parents and assures the kids will get to and from school even when their parents aren't there.
  • Day trips: Most schools take kids on day trips/field trips on a regular basis. Field trips are a great way to enhance a student’s education. Requiring that all parents attend the field trip and help with the transportation of the students just isn't realistic. The school needs to provide a bus service to help the students get to and from wherever the field trip might take place.
  • Sport-related outings: When a school is involved in sports leagues then it is guaranteed that there will be away games (games that aren't at the children's school). Transporting the team to their game is very important and once again this burden is a big one to put on the parents of the team members.
  • Overnight trips: Some schools take their students on camping trips, hiking trips and to different events for students. The easiest means (and safest means) of travel especially for a large group is by using a charter bus.

Buses help education on a daily basis by providing students with a way to get to school and get to their important school outings and sports outings.

If you would like to learn more about chartering a bus for your school then please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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