Charter Buses Make Convention Transportation Easy

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crowd of attendees entering a convention

Want to plan the perfect conference, meeting or convention? Not so fast--you can't put all the pieces together until you know how you're getting everyone from Point A to Point B. Luckily, with a little help from a charter bus, convention transportation is easier than ever. Here's everything you need to know!

What Is a Charter Bus?

If you've never organized transportation for a huge group of people or have used other methods of transportation, a charter bus might be a new idea for you.

Charter buses come in all shapes and sizes depending on where you're going, how many people you're transporting, and what other needs you're juggling. You have three basic choices:

Shuttle Van

A shuttle van can fit several people, but it's best for smaller groups. It also may not have enough space to bring large backpacks or other luggage. Furthermore, if you need to bring items to set up the convention space, a shuttle van might start feeling a little crowded.

School Bus

A school bus is exactly what you'd expect. It's big and roomy enough for a large group, and most people know what to expect in terms of seats and legroom. Some of our school buses have air conditioning as an amenity. 


A motorcoach may be what you imagine when you hear the words "charter bus." Large, impressive, and often equipped with luxury amenities, a motorcoach makes it easy to move the biggest groups in style. We specialize in large motorcoaches capable of holding 56 passengers. Our charter buses have the added amenities of DVD and wifi capabilities. 


How To Use Convention Transportation

To decide which type of charter bus is right for your convention transportation, you need to know whom (and what) you're moving. Here are a few common ways to use charter buses for convention transportation:

For Attendees

Conventions draw crowds from all over the country--sometimes all over the globe. It can be daunting for visitors to figure out where to go and how to get there. This could lead to confusion, frustration, and a lot of wasted time--both for you as a planner and for your guests.

Additionally, many conventions and conferences use multiple venues or partner with multiple hotels. With a charter service lined up for the convention, attendees can simply learn where and when to arrive and hop aboard to get to the day’s destination.

Bus Recommendation: Depending on how many people need transportation to and from each area, a school bus or motorcoach might be the best fit.

For VIPs

At some conventions, select visitors such as keynote speakers or executives need some special treatment. There’s a lot of work that goes into ensuring the best possible experience for those individuals, and transportation woes can quickly ruin even the best-laid plans. Ensure your VIPs have a great experience and stop worrying that they’ll get to where they need to be on time by working with a reputable transportation company that can focus exclusively on transporting them.

Bus Recommendation: A motorcoach is often the best choice for VIPs, especially if you choose one with advanced amenities.

For Planners

Convention planning has a lot of moving parts--literally and metaphorically. If you need a little help transporting sound equipment, decor, or the people who will be setting it up, a charter bus is the perfect fit.

Better yet, when you select a charter service, the entirety of convention transportation concerns is off your plate. Let us coordinate the details so you can focus on the other areas that demand your attention. Whether you need daily shuttles to venues or you want to offer attendees the chance to sight-see in your city, we can take care of all of it.

Bus Recommendation: If you're just moving a select team of setup experts, a shuttle van might be a good fit. However, if you have a lot of luggage and equipment, you may need a school bus or motorcoach.


When transportation runs smoothly, it’s not something you even notice. However, when there are issues with transportation, it can negatively impact the entire convention. It’s well worth it to partner with a transportation service for your next convention or conference.

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