Getting Comfy: 4 Tips for a Road Trip

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Napping on a charter bus

If you’re taking a road trip you have probably planned for things to keep your mind busy, but did you know there are things you can do to improve your comfort? Traveling on a charter bus can be a relaxing experience if you follow these four steps.

1. Nap Comfortably

When there’s nothing to do on a road trip, sleep comes naturally. In our sitting position sleeping is not always comfortable. Our neck relaxes, and our head follows suit. To avoid aches and pains after waking up, bring along a neck pillow. This specially designed pad will rest your head in a natural position. It’s also smart to bring an extra jacket or light blanket in case you can’t control the temperature on the charter bus.

2. Dress for the Trip

In a rush to leave for the trip, the worst thing you can do is dress uncomfortably. Everything from your pants to your shoes to your jacket choice can improve your experience. On a charter bus you can walk around, so bring shoes that are supportive and keep your feet protected. Loose clothing will also help your body feel less restricted.

3. Choose Your Seat Wisely

When you board the charter bus, you will need to choose between an aisle seat or a window seat. A window seat gives you a place to lean and move the weight of your body to your side. The aisle seat is better for taller people who want to stretch their legs into the walkway from time to time to enhance circulation.

4. Walk Around

The beauty of traveling on a charter bus is that you can move. Give your body the chance to change positions and stretch your legs. Walking around will help prevent stiffness when it’s time to get off the bus.

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