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Making a Shuttle Trip Fun

If you’re planning an event, you likely already know that many of your attendees greatest gauge of their experience hinge on just that- their experience, and you want to make it a great one! You don’t want something like transportation to be a hassle or a miserable experience, so here are some tips to make sure that it goes without a hitch!

1. Provide Shuttles for Your Attendees

If you fail to provide transportation such as a shuttle for attendees, they find themselves having to navigate unfamiliar streets, take public transportation, or use rideshare apps. This could mean delays, frustration and added stress. When you provide shuttles, you guarantee that they will make it to the events on time and they have a more enjoyable experience without hassle.

2. Plan Your Itinerary, Pickup and Dropoff Locations Ahead of Time

Make it easy for attendees to know where and when your shuttles will be so that there is consistency and promptness. Take the time to research to ensure your shuttles won’t end up in traffic or need to reroute. Plan alternate routes if necessary so that you know where they are going if they need to reroute. Also, ensure that you are picking up and dropping off your attendees in safe areas so that they don’t need to be concerned.

3. Line Up Pickups and Dropoff’s for Peak Times

Look at your schedule of events to determine peak times where your attendees will need shuttles the most. Decide if you’ll limit your shuttle rides to peak times or having them running all day. This will depend on your attendee's needs and the nature of your event, so make sure you plan accordingly.

4. Book Shuttles Months Ahead of Your Event

It’s best practice to schedule your shuttles three to six months in advance. This ensures you get a reasonable price and that the shuttle services have inventory for what you are going to need. This also helps you ensure that you get shuttles with the amenities you may need such as WiFi, power outlets, TV, etc.

5. Prepare for Your Disabled Attendees

Wheelchair-accessible buses must be provided, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reserve at least one for your event and announce when it will be available for use. Better yet, make sure disabled attendees can schedule when they will need transportation during the event.

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