Rules of the Road

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It is difficult to truly define the "Rules of the Road." Of course, there are the basic rules that we all know (well, most of us), the same ones that we studied so diligently when trying to get our license for the first time. Don't run red lights. Stop at the stop signs. Obey the speed limit. We've known these rules since we were little kids, driving toy cars instead of real ones. However, there is another layer to the Rules of the Road, one that is not written in any manual or included in any DMV test. These unique Rules of the Road aren't set in place by laws--they're set in place by culture. In order to function well on the American roadways, a driver must know both the legal Rules of the Road and the cultural ones, and the key is in understanding why each set of rules is in place.

A Closer Look

We all know why we have the first set of road rules; it makes sense to obey stop signs, red lights, and speed limits because we know that these measures were put in place to add a level of safety and cooperation to road travel. However, it's not so easy to tell why we agree on and strictly adhere to the cultural Rules of the Road. The answer is within us--and that's not a philosophical declaration. The truth is, human nature compels us to structure our societies and identify the laws of etiquette no matter where we are, whether it's an airplane, a crowded sidewalk, or on the road. So the next time you avoid cutting someone off in traffic or slow down to let some poor fellow change lanes, remember that you are functioning on a deep and cultural instinct that human nature has been perfecting for generations.

Quick Tips

Now that we know why we have the Rules of the Road--both legal and cultural--let's take a look at some examples. Our Boise Shuttle Service experts know these rules so well they practically wrote them; here's a quick look at some of the tips and considerations they've picked up over the years!

  • Safety. The Rules of the Road are in place to keep us alive. Your number-one priority, no matter what should be to protect every life in your car, in your lane, and on your road; essentially, it's important to remember that driving is a responsibility and must not be taken lightly.
  • Focus. Thanks to the Internet, our brains are used to getting off track--and in a lot of ways, the road is much like the Internet, offering side-streets and distractions and curiosities that you just can't deny. Although it can be interesting to take a few detours, remember to focus and stay on track as much as possible, especially if you're on a schedule.
  • Etiquette. Remember those cultural Rules of the Road? They're always important, but on a long or difficult road trip, they are more crucial than ever--and, unfortunately, they can also be a bit difficult to adhere to, especially if you've been driving for hours. Just relax and remember not to, as modern slang would call it, "be that guy." If it bothers you when other drivers do it, don't do it yourself.

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