Tips for Chartering Large Events

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If you're planning a large event--whether a work conference, a multi-generational family reunion, or the biggest bachelor/bachelorette party ever--you've probably already wondered how to handle transportation. Worry no more: A charter bus is great news for events of all shapes and sizes. Here's your guide to charter transportation!

Charter Details You Should Know

Before you choose a charter bus for your big event, there are a few details you should have at your fingertips. Here's what to keep close by:

Where Are You Going?

This should be an easy piece of information to grab, but it's important nonetheless. That's because your destination will determine how long you're on the road, what your route looks like, and more. Your charter bus driver needs to know this too, of course--but before any of that, you'll want to use your destination to make your own plans.

When Do You Need To Be There?

For some events, timing is tight--and critical. If you have a very specific arrival time, make sure you keep this in mind when choosing and planning charter transportation. Your driver and the rest of the transportation team will help you figure out exactly how long your route will take and what the ideal departure location and time would be--but it's up to you to decide when the perfect arrival time would be.

How Many People Are You Moving?

The number of people at your event will determine all kinds of important details. However, you'll have to ask yourself a few questions to determine what that number actually is. Does everyone plan to use the charter bus, or will some people be driving themselves? Will there be children, guests, or plus-ones in attendance? How much legroom will your guests need based on how many will be traveling together? Do some attendees need VIP treatment--like guest speakers at a work conference--and if so, how many?

Does Everyone Have Luggage?

If many of your attendees are coming from out of town, they might have large backpacks or suitcases with them. That's especially true if they get off their flight and have to walk right onto your charter bus to make it to your event in time. Additionally, if you're part of the setup for your event, you may need to move decor, equipment, and more--so keep all these variables in mind during the planning process.

Tips For Smooth Charter Transportation

Once you have all the details figured out, it's time to brush up on a few charter transportation tips to help your event go smoothly. Here are all the best ways to make sure getting there is half the fun:

Book In Advance.

Some times of the year--especially during the holidays--are especially busy for charter buses. If your event is planned during one of these busy times, it's crucial to book in advance. That way, you get exactly what you want when you want it.

Even if you think you probably won't have much competition when it comes to booking for a certain day, don't procrastinate. If you've been planning around charter transportation but didn't actually book it and then everything falls through, you'll have to scramble for a solution that fits everyone's needs.

Communicate Quickly And Clearly.

While it's important to book in advance, it's just as crucial to communicate with your attendees. Make sure they know they won't have to drive themselves--especially if they're coming from out of town. That way, they don't rent cars ahead of time or otherwise spend money unnecessarily.

Expect The Unexpected.

Although a charter bus makes transportation smooth and stress-free, there are always factors outside your control that could influence other parts of the event. For example, what happens if someone's flight is delayed or if they get lost on the way to the charter bus pickup location? While you can't necessarily expect everything, you can create plans to help navigate foreseeable misunderstandings or incidents.

Enjoy The Ride.

Transportation can offer a perfect chance to have some fun before the events begin. You've done all your work and everything is going according to plan, so now you can enjoy the ride. Don't forget to take pictures for your family Christmas card or company newsletter while your driver handles everything else for you!


A big event is exciting for everyone--but for planners like you, the details can quickly become stressful. A charter bus helps take one thing off your plate, making transportation something you can enjoy instead of something you have to worry about.

Ready to make your next event a little easier? Contact us today to book your charter bus in advance!