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Suzanne Bolin: as the Driver of the Week

Suzanne Bolin

When the mother of a school student that had some challenges, especially when it came to strangers, noticed who was driving the bus going past their home, everything changed.

That mom had been transporting her daughter to and from school. Her daughter liked people, but not strange people, making it a little technical to ride a school bus. But now, the mother felt there wouldn’t be any problem.

CTC driver Suzanne Bolin had been that girl’s preschool teacher. 

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles: How to Prepare

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

What do you think of when you envision an adventure? For some of, fantastical images come to mind--knights battling dragons, pirates sailing across the sea, heroes making epic journeys across a vast and perilous land. For others, "adventure" is a little more here-and-now: trying something new, going on vacation, having an exciting experience. For still others, adventure is more a state of mind.

Becky Hardin: CTC's Driver of the Week

ctc driver of the week

When Becky Hardin drove past Caldwell Transportation Company every day on the way to her job at a large grocery store chain, she always saw the “Now Hiring” banner.

Working too many long hours at her current job, Becky felt she spent too much time away from her kids, One day, after driving past CTC, she thought, “Why not?” That was eleven years ago.

A.J. Nestor: CTC's Driver of the Week

driver of the week

When A.J. Nestor’s former brother-in-law convinced her to apply at the bus company where he worked, she did so, but she also applied at Caldwell Transportation.

Caldwell Transportation called back first.

Being between jobs, A.J. didn’t plan to drive a bus for long. In her mind, she was there temporarily. That was back in the nineties. We’ve been lucky enough to have kept A.J. around for a good while.

“Bus driving is just second nature now,” says A.J., “the more you go, the easier it gets.”

Tips from Boise Shuttle Services: Rules of the Road

Boise Shuttle Service

It is difficult to truly define the "Rules of the Road." Of course, there are the basic rules that we all know (well, most of us), the same ones that we studied so diligently when trying to get our license for the first time. Don't run red lights. Stop at the stop signs. Obey the speed limit. We've known these rules since we were little kids, driving toy cars instead of real ones. However, there is another layer to the Rules of the Road, one that is not written in any manual or included in any DMV test.

The Benefits of a Charter Bus

Charter Bus

Technology has changed a lot of things. It has made waves in big places, like medicine, science, education, and defense; simultaneously, it has changed the way we see little, everyday things, like chatting with friends, sharing pictures, and getting information. However, technology is more than just smartphones and robot butlers (we're still waiting on that one).

Catch a Bus to Bogus Basin (Before It's Too Late)

Take the bus to Bogus for some spring skiing.

Recreation is an amazing thing. As humans, we have invented, perfected, and shared so many types of recreation that there is now something for everyone to do, no matter what. We've built theme parks for the thrill seekers. We've created hiking paths for the adventurous. We've created movie theaters for the story-hungry masses. In truth, we've got this "recreation" thing down to a science--but there's one thing that still manages to stump us, trouble us, and hinder our recreational progress, and that is Mother Nature.

Drive, Don't Fly (and Here's Why)

Boise Shuttle Service

Driving has been a huge part of our lives for generations. From the first, grumbling old cars to place tire on the road, to the modern-day sports cars that purr like kittens, automobiles have grown and changed with us; they are undeniably part of who we are. Who doesn't remember the joy of getting a driver's license, the thrill of buying a first car, the quiet longing with which we all stare at shiny new cars in car lots? It's true--driving has shaped not only our nation and our world but our lives.

Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Bus

Corporate Bus Driver

Are you a "people person?" Sometimes, this can be a difficult question to answer. After all, on some level, you have to be a "people person" just to survive in the world; if you couldn't have conversations, communicate, collaborate, and make friends, you would be existing in a very narrow and lonely version of reality. Humans rely on other humans.

Checking Up on Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin

Some types of entertainment are purely man-made. Going to the movies relies on nothing but the movie-goer and the movie-makers, and, for some of us, a trustworthy popcorn machine. Similarly, going out to dinner isn't exactly reliant on weather, environment, or some act of fate; rather, it all comes down to our biological need to eat and the ability of restaurant chefs to satisfy that need with good food.

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