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Safety Tips From your Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

Safety while rafting on the Idaho Rivers

If you're looking for a fun way to beat the heat, reconnect with the outdoors, and add a little bit of adventure to your life, then river rafting might just be the answer. Before you grab a paddle and head out, though, the experts from our Idaho River Rafting Shuttles would like to offer some safety tips.

Lessons from a Corporate Bus: Travel Tipping

Corporate Bus

We know that etiquette is a complicated thing, often like its language--and that's just in your home town! As you travel, you'll find that the language of etiquette has many different dialects, and this is never more true than when it comes to tipping. You'll probably run into countless opportunities to leave a tip during your travels, and luckily, our Corporate Bus experts have seen a lot on their travels and know a thing or two about this unique "dialect" of etiquette.

Boise Shuttle Service: Etiquette Tips

Boise Shuttle Service

In today's world, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the etiquette rules that we wordlessly demand from one another. Etiquette doesn't come with a word-for-word handbook, it isn't taught in school, and it changes depending on the location, the culture, the situation, and sometimes even the day. We all know how important these unspoken social rules are for smooth and efficient interaction; however, etiquette is like an ever-changing second language, and becoming fluent isn't as easy as all of those childhood where-are-your-manners lectures would have you believe.

Rafting Idaho's Salmon River

Shuttle for Salmon River Idaho Rafting

Stop whatever you're doing right now and reflect on your average day. It probably looks similar to your neighbor's average day, and your friend's average day, and it probably looks a lot like your coworker's average day. We all get-up, we all eat, we all get dressed, we all go to work and school and the store, we all spend our day surrounded by brick buildings and concrete sidewalks and big black roads that suffocate the earth.

Event Transportation: Why You Need a Charter Bus

Charter Bus for event travel

Even at the best of times, transportation can be a challenge. Getting from Point A to Point B is rarely as enjoyable and carefree as a classic road-trip movie--especially when you have to stop at Points C, D, and E along the way. Essentially, travel is just one more thing that the movies have romanticized. In today's world, we have so many options and variables at our disposal which, if chosen carefully, can help make even the most complicated logistical nightmare seem like a scene right out of a road-trip movie. Event transportation is no exception.

Idaho Salmon River Rafting

Hot springs after river rafting

When the weather turns warmer, and our minds begin to drift toward crystal-clear waters, cool rapids, swimsuits, sunscreen, and fun, it is often river rafting which comes to mind. River rafting is the perfect answer to many pleas for excitement and adventure--but Idaho Salmon River Rafting is a unique journey, simply because it offers more than one adventure at a time.

Suzanne Bolin: as the Driver of the Week

Suzanne Bolin

When the mother of a school student that had some challenges, especially when it came to strangers, noticed who was driving the bus going past their home, everything changed.

That mom had been transporting her daughter to and from school. Her daughter liked people, but not strange people, making it a little technical to ride a school bus. But now, the mother felt there wouldn’t be any problem.

CTC driver Suzanne Bolin had been that girl’s preschool teacher. 

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles: How to Prepare

Idaho River Rafting Shuttles

What do you think of when you envision an adventure? For some of, fantastical images come to mind--knights battling dragons, pirates sailing across the sea, heroes making epic journeys across a vast and perilous land. For others, "adventure" is a little more here-and-now: trying something new, going on vacation, having an exciting experience. For still others, adventure is more a state of mind.

Becky Hardin: CTC's Driver of the Week

ctc driver of the week

When Becky Hardin drove past Caldwell Transportation Company every day on the way to her job at a large grocery store chain, she always saw the “Now Hiring” banner.

Working too many long hours at her current job, Becky felt she spent too much time away from her kids, One day, after driving past CTC, she thought, “Why not?” That was eleven years ago.

A.J. Nestor: CTC's Driver of the Week

driver of the week

When A.J. Nestor’s former brother-in-law convinced her to apply at the bus company where he worked, she did so, but she also applied at Caldwell Transportation.

Caldwell Transportation called back first.

Being between jobs, A.J. didn’t plan to drive a bus for long. In her mind, she was there temporarily. That was back in the nineties. We’ve been lucky enough to have kept A.J. around for a good while.

“Bus driving is just second nature now,” says A.J., “the more you go, the easier it gets.”

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