3 Reasons Why You Need an Idaho River Rafting Adventure This Summer

3 reasons to raft the white waters of Idaho rivers

A raft trip on an Idaho river is an event you'll never forget. If you're still on the fence about signing on, here's why we think you'll love every single moment.

1. It's a great combination of adrenaline-pumping action and total relaxation.

You may not know exactly what you're looking for when you raft an Idaho river, but the combination of heart-stopping action and sublime relaxation is hard to beat. Whether you're an adventure seeker looking for some real-life action or just someone looking to get out of the city for the weekend, Idaho river rafting is the perfect solution.

2. You get to be a kid again.

We know you get tired of behaving yourself at the office. Who doesn't? On a raft trip down a breath-taking Idaho river, where no one knows your name (yet), no one cares whether you got that report finished on time. It truly is the perfect remedy when you need a break from adulting. Laugh, run, get wet, and don't worry about your hair. We know you can do this, and you know you're ready.

3. It's a refresher course in biology, geography, and history.

We don't know if you were a member of the "don't care much about science books" camp or not, but this kind of learning is the real deal. You'll feel like a kid again (and yes, you should bring them along!) as you rediscover your sense of wonder. Floating on a raft down an untamed river with an experienced outfitter brings home what you always knew to be true about Idaho and could never learn from a book—Idaho is a great place to live, a great place to learn, and a great place to return to, again and again.

Are you ready for an unforgettable raft trip down an untamed Idaho river? At Caldwell Transportation, we can get you there! Get in touch with us to schedule your Idaho river rafting adventure now!

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