4 Tips for Making it to the Airport with Time to Spare

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waiting in line at the airport

Arriving at the airport on time can be a major cause of stress, and just the smallest glitch could make you late for your flight. The remedy for less stress on travel day and the dreaded missed connection is to organize your trip and your belongings well ahead of departure.

  1. Pack early. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or heading out for the first time in years, it pays to get an early start packing your clothing and gear. A day ahead is enough for some, while others need two days or even more. Early packing gives you time to pick up last-minute items, check your luggage for size and weight limits, and avoid the stress of forgetting to pack something you'll need on your journey.
  2. Check airline rules. The rules have changed in recent years, so check the guidelines for banned items and other restrictions well in advance of your flight. You'll save time in security, and you won't need to part with items prohibited during air travel.
  3. Get there early. Plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours ahead of departure time (three hours for international flights). Traffic delays, bad weather, a forgotten bag or problems during security checks are all real scenarios that delay travelers all the time. It's much better to arrive early and spend your extra time relaxing with a magazine at the airport coffee shop.
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