Catch the Sun Valley Express to Idaho's Best Skiing

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When the weather gets cold and the days grow shorter, Idaho becomes a winter wonderland. As such, there are plenty of places vying for the title of "the Gem State's best place to ski," but in our humble opinion, Sun Valley comes out on top every time. Here's why Sun Valley is a skier's dream!

Sun Valley Skiing

The skiing in Sun Valley is, in many ways, completely unmatched. It's not just about the picture-perfect slopes or the all-inclusive resort--it's about the spirit of the town.

That's right: We think Sun Valley offers Idaho's best skiing because every shop, restaurant, and slope tells a cozy winter story with you as the star. That's why our Sun Valley Express takes you right to the heart of the action, letting you experience this one-of-a-kind ski story for yourself.

Here are a few more reasons Sun Valley skiing is something special:

It's unique

Sun Valley has a fascinating history. When Averell Harriman decided the U.S. needed a grand place to ski, the Union Pacific Railroad executive went to work--and this little slice of wintry heaven was born. Tucked away from major cities and surrounded by the picturesque Idaho landscape, Sun Valley really is a dream getaway.

It's relaxed

Sun Valley may be a resort town, but it takes its cues from the rest of the Gem State--friendly, welcoming, and relaxed. While the area is far from sleepy, it's also about the fun and excitement of skiing, not showing off expensive gear or intimidating newcomers.

It's an experience

When you catch a shuttle to Sun Valley, you're not just headed there for the skiing. This town is an entire experience, offering dining opportunities, stores with all kinds of local charm, picture-perfect lodging, and views that belong on a Christmas card.


Sun Valley might be called Idaho's best skiing by the locals, but we tend to think it might just be the world's best skiing. Of course, the only way to find out if we're right is to see for yourself.

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