Choosing the Right River to Raft

Choosing a River Raft

If you’re excited about some outdoor fun this summer, you don’t need to go far in Idaho. Since Idaho is well known for its outdoor activities in the summer, there have been plenty of books written and websites built around some of the great things to do when the weather gets nice. One of the great things is that the weather is starting to get nicer and the days longer. That means that things like fishing, hiking, and rafting are just around the corner.

But what if you have never been rafting before? What can you do to prepare yourself for your first trip, and more importantly, how do you begin to choose where to go. Since we here at Caldwell Transportation have been running Idaho river shuttles for quite some time, we may know a thing or two about getting you to your destination safely. We also may have some tips that you can follow in regard to choosing the right whitewater rafting river trip for you.

Some ways to find the right river to raft include:

  • Do your Research on the Area- A place like Idaho has tons of different rivers and tributaries to check out. This is probably the situation in most states that offer outdoor fun. Be sure to know exactly where rivers are located and how long it will take to get to them.
  • Know your Skill Level- You will need to know what you are capable of and what and you’re comfortable with before choosing a river to raft. Know what the class of the rapids are before jumping into the river.
  • Choose a Good Guide- Choosing a good guide is as important as choosing the river you are eventually going to raft. A guide should have experience and know what they are doing. Getting a guide may be the difference between having a good time or someone getting hurt.

Now that you know a little more about choosing a river to raft, it’s up to you to go find one and do it!

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