Should You Tip Shuttle Drivers?

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Tipping is a customary practice to let someone know you appreciate their service. Shuttle services differ from other traditional transportation options but still fall under the category of service employees. Read on to learn the guidelines for tipping shuttle service drivers.

Standard Practices

Tipping service employees who strive to provide above and beyond for their clients is a widely accepted policy. Industries ranging from hospitality to cosmetic and delivery all employ people who want to deliver exceptional service. Drivers who work for a shuttle service are another example of these employees. Clients of these drivers are customarily inclined to tip after a provided service, especially when it has been extraordinary.

Tipping Recommendations

There are different types of shuttle services and routes that drivers provide. Sometimes a shuttle begins at the airport and ends at the hotel, while other times, a driver can escort you through the city to different events. Depending on your route and length, tipping can differ. For a large vehicle carrying multiple people, $2-$3 should suffice.

For drivers spending the majority of the day with you, as is the case with a limo or moving between airports, hotels, and events, 10 to 15 percent of the total bill is custom.

You may find drivers go above and beyond and provide extra service to ensure safety or comfort. The final amount of the tip is always at the discretion of the client.

Preparing for Your Shuttle Service

While similar to a taxi, shuttle services are generally booked in advance. That being said, shuttle drives tend not to have a significant amount of cash on them. If you are planning to tip a shuttle drive, plan on the amount beforehand. Check with your provider as you may even be able to add a tip to your payment.

Tipping is a gesture that is not required but lets your driver know you appreciated their thoughtfulness and service.

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