How the Shuttle Helps Busy Boise State Students

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college students walking

Students have a lot on their plate. From homework to jobs to catching the game, having to worry about just one more thing can sometimes be overwhelming. Caldwell Transportation can help students with at least one big worry: getting from Point A to Point B.

Student-Centric Destinations

Wondering how exactly Caldwell Transportation’s shuttles work for Boise State students? Here are two key shuttle services:

Football Games: Between traffic and parking, getting to the game can be tricky. That’s why a shuttle to the stadium is a smart choice. Caldwell Transportation offers transport both to and from the game, so students don’t have to worry about any transportation woes. 

Five downtown pickups every 15 minutes? No problem! You can even plan a charter for away games if you’re trying to coordinate a group.

Airport: Students and their families can get to and from the airport with ease thanks to Caldwell Transportation airport shuttles.

Endless Destinations

Okay, there is an end to the destinations, but there are a lot more available than you might expect. Plan a sorority or fraternity trip to Sun Valley, Stanley, or even Bogus. Or, head down to Jackpot for the weekend with pals.

College students don’t always have vehicles, but that’s okay at Boise State. So much is within walking distance…and we can take care of the rest.

Find out more about Caldwell Transportation and how our shuttle and bussing services can help Boise State students by visiting or just contacting us here.