It’s Jackpot Time

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Jackpot Nevada

Tired of spending the same weekend over and over? Are you looking for something to break up the routine on Friday or Saturday night? At Caldwell Transportation, we understand that you don’t want to be stuck doing the same things over and over, a weekend in and out. You want excitement in your life. Then what better way to find some excitement than finding it in the form of Jackpot, Nevada--Idaho’s favorite quaint gambling town right across the border?

Caldwell Transportation is offering rides down to the (mini) oasis in the desert with the famous Jackpot Express! That’s right; you can change up the routine on your weekend and take a ride down to Jackpot with all the ease and comfort that is expected when riding with Caldwell Transportation.

You’ll be able to visit all the favorites: Cactus Pete’s, The Horseshu, and Barton’s 93! It’s a simple way to of doing something fun in the place of having no plans at all. So what’re you waiting for?

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