Plan a Group Ski Trip with the Sun Valley Express!

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happy group of friends skiing

The only thing more fun than skiing is skiing with friends in Sun Valley, Idaho! Pack your warm clothes and grab those skis--it's time to plan your next big adventure.

Get There Quick with Shuttle Service

First things first: How are you going to transport a bunch of people (and their stuff) all the way to Sun Valley?

Sure, you could all drive your own vehicles or try carpooling--but that means you'll have to cram into a limited amount of space. Plus, you'll have to navigate those chilly Idaho roads, which might get a little dicey depending on winter weather.

Luckily, the answer is simple: catch the Sun Valley Express! Fast, safe, and with plenty of space for your group and their gear, our shuttle service can get you to Sun Valley without all the stress. Just sit back, relax, and make sure getting there is half the fun!

Planning Your Ski Trip

Now that you know how to get to Sun Valley, it's time to look at the details. Here's what every great group ski trip needs:

#1: A leader

When you're trying to organize a group event, it's helpful to have someone in charge--someone who knows the group and how they like to operate. If that's you, congratulations--you're in charge of this adventure!

#2: A reader

Every great leader knows how to delegate, and when it comes to research, you'll need to put someone in charge of reading up on all the great stuff to do in Sun Valley. Sure, you'll be skiing most of the time--but what about accommodations, shops, and local events? Assign a reader to brush up on all those must-do activities.

#3: An eater

An amazing ski adventure will undoubtedly make you hungry. Be sure you put somebody in charge of food--which means bringing snacks on the shuttle and choosing restaurants in Sun Valley, too.

In conclusion, the key to a group ski trip is to assemble the right team--and catch the Sun Valley Express, of course.

Are you ready to go skiing in beautiful Sun Valley? Contact us today to catch a ride on the shuttle!