A Reputable Shuttle Service for Your Big Event

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Reputable Shuttle Service

Your big event is months away, and you've got it planned down to the minute. Coordinating your event shuttle is a critical piece of the puzzle, and when it works well, everyone arrives at your event safe, happy, and on time.

Here are a few suggestions to help you choose shuttle transportation service to and from your event.

  1. Reputation is your first consideration. An established shuttle service will be well known in the area, with established local partnerships. A reliable shuttle service will have satisfied customers and experience with leading organizations, hotels, and high-profile events. If you're booking a shuttle service in an unfamiliar area, these indicators will help you proceed with confidence knowing that their local reputation is solid. Trust is everything, and a shuttle service with an established reputation is a much safer choice than a service that's just getting started.
  2. Get your details in order. Your shuttle service will need details about your event to provide you with the best possible experience. They'll want answers to questions like How many people will require shuttle services? How many are staying at the service's partner hotels? What time of day does your event begin and end?
  3. What else is happening in the area? Be sure to inquire about other events occurring at the same time as yours. An experienced shuttle transportation service will be aware of established events, and their drivers will know how to negotiate traffic to your best advantage. Even so, knowing ahead of time about events that are likely to cause traffic snarls can help you make more informed choices.

Caldwell Transportation partners with 19 leading hotels in the Boise area and provides shuttle service to major events. Get in touch with us for help planning your next event!