Things to Do in Stanley, Idaho

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horseback riding

Looking for an exciting, relaxing, and memorable summer vacation? Look no farther than Stanley, Idaho, where adventure meets leisure and every memory becomes your new favorite. Here are just a few things you can do in Stanley!

So Many Choices

The only problem you'll have when you catch a bus to Stanley is deciding what to do first. With all kinds of activities, opportunities, and experiences, there's something for everyone--so let's take a closer look!

#1: Take a tour.

One of the best ways to start your trip to Stanley is to take a historic walking tour. You're invited to become part of the Stanley story--exploring the people, culture, and geography that gives this town its unique personality.

#2: Tackle the river.

Looking for a real adventure? Stanley offers river rafting opportunities like you've never seen before. Experience the beauty and power of the Salmon River by floating in the heart of it--and, of course, it's a great way to cool down on a hot summer day!

#3: Go horseback riding.

The true "Stanley experience" wouldn't be complete without seeing how this historic area looks from horseback. No matter your experience level, you'll be treated to a comfortable, peaceful ride around various landmarks and areas of interest.

#4: Enjoy the local life.

There's no better way to feel the life of a town than to eat and shop like a local! Stanley offers all kinds of opportunities for the foodies and shopaholics in your party, letting you try--or buy!--something new every day.

#5: Slow down in a ghost town.

Ready to relax? Bonanza and Custer, two fascinating ghost towns, are great opportunities to slow down and take in the sights while enjoying a unique look at historical life.

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