Tips for Corporate Travel

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Corporate Travel with Caldwell Transporation

Traveling can be fun, even if it is for work. But traveling for business requires different approaches in many ways. If you are about to be traveling for business for the first time, or even if you have before but would like to have better travel methods, this post is for you. Here are a few tips for corporate travel.


Doing the work of thorough planning and preparation -- rather than last minute packing and hoping for the best -- makes traveling so much easier. Preparing means more than making sure you have enough socks and underwear: it means ensuring you have everything you need, from chargers to itineraries, and knowing policies and arrangements.

  • Make a list in advance and add to it whenever you remember something. Think phone chargers, contact lens solution, medication, socks, and so forth.
  • Know travel policies including per diem, reimbursement, and pay.
  • Look for loyalty programs for rental cars, hotels, and more. If you pay for your travel fees upfront, you can gather points and rewards in various ways.
  • Download mobile apps to stay on top of flight changes and to check in ahead of time.


Now that you have a list, you can start packing. If you are bringing a carry-on, be sure to get to know the TSA regulations and your airline's carry-on size limits.

Carrying on can be a great way to avoid waiting for your luggage and avoid paying extra fees.


Since you are so well-prepared, your departure will be much easier. However, make sure to allow yourself plenty of time for check-in and security. A few other travel tips:

  • Get a good night's rest the night before you fly.
  • Ask for an upgrade when you check in at your hotel.
  • Drink lots of water and eat well.
  • Be prepared for your return flight home by packing and planning.

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