Getting Out of the House During Covid

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hiking in the mountains

Traveling during the pandemic means taking some extra precautions, but as we look ahead at 2021, we realize that many of us are ready to get out there. It's okay - you can travel safely and keep your family healthy and safe by making careful travel choices.

The best way to experience something new and get out of the house during COVID is to go outside. We have just the place for you! In Idaho, you can find wide-open spaces and plenty of social distancing while still making new memories and exploring a new place.

Get Outside

Getting outside in Idaho means a lot of things, all in fascinating places. Here are a few top trips from Boise where you can experience the wild and take a much-needed breath of fresh air.

  • Stanley: Try out a few great hiking spots in Stanley, explore iconic Redfish Lake, and soak in the local hot springs. You won't need to worry about social distance because there's enough space for the few people that are here.
  • Sun Valley: Skiing on Baldy in the winter is about as distanced as it gets. With thousands of acres of wide-open terrain and clear blue skies, you'll be glad you made the getaway. Summer is just as stunning in the memorable Wood River Valley, where hiking, biking, and fishing abound.

Visit Idaho

Now is the time to visit Idaho, where you'll escape the city, the crowds, and all your worries from the last year. In Idaho, there's plenty of space and lots of ways to get there. To ease the shift back to traveling, try alternate transportation - like a shuttle from Caldwell Transportation Company to any of the above locations. Our buses are extremely safe and you'll feel more protected than ever in transit to your escape.

Extra Precautions Where you Need Them

In addition to taking carefully sanitized buses, you can also be sure to follow CDC guidelines and sanitize all surfaces, wash your hands, and wear a face-covering to protect yourself and those around you as you ease back into travel.

Take the Easy Road

Make your travel plans easier and don't stress about how you get there. The safe and clean shuttle buses from Caldwell Transportation make your trip simple while getting you exactly where you need to go. Take a load off and don't worry about driving - book your shuttle today.