Travel to Sun Valley in Style Today!

Travel to Sun Valley Idaho

Where can you go skiing, horseback riding, ice skating, and bowling all in one day, with a classic sleigh ride to wrap up the adventure? The answer is closer than you think. All of this and more is waiting for you in Sun Valley, and all you have to worry about is how to get there!

The Fast Track to Sun Valley

Before we tempt you with all the fun and adventure available in beautiful Sun Valley, we want to convince you that it's stress-free and easy to get there. It's fair to say that the drive to Sun Valley might make even seasoned drivers a bit nervous, and that can be a significant obstacle to all that outdoor fun. Luckily, there are other options that can get everything and everyone to the right place at the right time--so don't let travel be an obstacle. Our Sun Valley shuttles are affordable, fast, and driven by professionals who can navigate any conditions with confidence. This means that there's only one thing for you to do during your travels: sit back, relax, and dream of all the adventure waiting for you.

What to Do in Sun Valley

So, now that you know how to get there, what are you going to do in Sun Valley? Here are just a few suggestions from our experts.

  • Skiing. Skiing is one of the more popular adventures available in Sun Valley, and it's no wonder why. With breathtaking views, unmatched opportunities, and a fantastic ski resort, Sun Valley is the place to be for ski enthusiasts!
  • Sleigh rides. What is the finale of every winter day's adventure in the movies? A sleigh ride, of course! When you travel to Sun Valley, you can hop in and be pulled through a winter wonderland by a loyal horse--the perfect finale to your fun.
  • And much more! Sun Valley is the land of endless opportunity. Bowling, ice skating, movies at The Opera House, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities available to you. So what are you waiting for? Hop on a shuttle and head to Sun Valley!

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