Whitewater Safety: Part One

Whitewater Safety

As summer approaches, adventurous folk get set to take advantage of all that Idaho has to offer, including whitewater rafting. River rafting in Idaho is a popular sport, and several reputable guide companies offer stunning trips down the rivers of Idaho.

If you plan to take advantage of Idaho river rafting, there are some things you should know about whitewater safety before you go. Let's take a look at the basics of whitewater safety.

Know Before You Go

Whether you're planning your first Idaho rafting adventure or you just need to brush up on your safety skills, here are the must-know items for your trip:

  • Be comfortable in the water: Though you will have a life jacket, if you don't know how to swim, or swim well, tell your guide. And, make sure you are not stepping out on a raft with a deep fear of water. Be comfortable in the water, at the very least.

  • Know what to do if you fall out: Your guide can explain the protocol for this, but you should have a basic understanding before you leave for your trip. Falling out happens! If it does, grab the outside safety line and hold on. Wait for help back in. If you can't grab the line, look for someone to hand you a paddle or the throw bag. Take the whitewater swimming position: feet up, pointing downstream. Above all: DON'T PANIC!

  • Know what to do if someone else falls out: Since you know what to do if you fall out, the same principles apply if someone else falls out. Throw them the outside safety line or extend a paddle. To help someone in, grab the shoulder straps of their life jacket and fall backwards to haul them in.

Now that you know the basics of whitewater safety, you're on the path to an even more exciting river rafting experience! In Part Two of this whitewater safety series, we'll look at staying safe on the river.

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